Author: Emery Wolfe

Not one for labels, Emery considers himself just another guy doing his own thing and trying to have as much fun along the way.

With a BFA in Film Production and Studies he has been working professionally with digital visual platforms since 2006. Backing those skills up by taking several other courses in Business Analyst, Social Media for Business, UX and even attaining a Freelance Business certificate.

Emery has been in the Association scene since 2010, runs his own small media business and works as a game day camera operator for a local junior hockey team.

Outside of work activities usually involve hockey/sports, music, movies, beer, nerding out on camera equipment or trying to escape it all by disappearing in some remote landscape.


The Most Important 10 Minutes of the Day

I’m not one for being early. With the pandemic came working from home, and I embraced the change. All I need is a computer and internet, and I can work. The fact that I can literally get out of bed 5 minutes before work and still arrive 2 minutes early is my kind of jam. […]


If I had 20 days to problem-solve

Albert Einstein once said, “If I had 20 days to solve a problem, I would take 19 days to define it.” With this in mind, and realizing that problems are always different, I hope I can offer advice when taking the time to problem-solve. Listen Gather data by listening to those around you, whether there […]


My Music at Work: Why Sound Matters In Your Office

In our experiences, we tend to focus on looks before sound. We ask, Have you seen the new Stars Wars? – but the movie theatre uses dozens of speakers to immerse us in the environment of a single projected image. Similarly, articles focus on visual aspects of an office: should there be many desks or no walls or […]


How to plan the perfect video shoot

Are you looking to harness the power of video content for your association’s marketing and outreach strategies? Would you like to shoot your own video? Are you intimidated by the task? If you are, I understand. Unfamiliar things are never easy. But video is an extremely effective communication tool — even if amassing the time, […]


Why you need video content

While more and more of our professional and personal lives move into the virtual realm, there are some things that really seem to demand real-life interaction. But as more and more of our professional and personal lives makes that shift, the opportunity for real-life interaction becomes ever smaller. Video content gives us something as close […]


The beginner’s guide to shooting good-looking video

Whether we are judging books by their covers, preparing ourselves for potential romantic encounters or searching for the most appropriate outfit for an interview, we know that how we present ourselves can leave a lasting impression. It’s a powerful way of demonstrating to others how we want to be understood. I’m not here to assess […]


The beginner’s guide to creating video content (on a budget)

As a former film student, it excites me to see video incorporated more and more into the marketing strategies of associations. After all, it’s an extremely effective means of communicating with your current and potential members. But it can be intimidating — and that’s why many are scared to pull the trigger. How do you […]


What film school taught me about technology

In my last post, I talked about how “Star Trek” has shaped technology in many ways. I guess it makes sense that my metaphor came from an industry that I went to school for: Film. I love movies; I thought it would be cool to make them. That said, I didn’t go into film expecting to […]


What ‘Star Trek’ taught me about technology

“Star Trek” is pretty cheesy. You’ve got your spoon fed lines, terrible costumes, ridiculously fake sets and a list of horribleness so long Santa wouldn’t have time to check it twice. With that said, I am a big fan of the ideas and concepts brought to us from the series and films. Those who watched […]