Author: Susan Avery

CEO at International Association of Plastics Distribution

Susan E. Avery, CAE, is the CEO of the International Association of Plastics Distribution. She began her career in association management in 1998 as the deputy executive director/ CFO at ARMA International, a professional association. IAPD also owns and operates an AMC, and Susan also serves as executive director for a couple of their clients, one of which is a European-based trade association. She is an experienced association management executive with both trade and professional associations and is known for her work with governance, strategic planning and strategy development, data-driven decision making, financial and strategic turnarounds, and building professional and competent staff teams.


How to find non-traditional non-dues revenue

Far too often, associations associate non-dues revenues with cash grabs. These attempts, such as affinity programs, used to be a lot more profitable – especially before the internet made it too easy for members to shop and find deals on their own. I view non-dues revenue as a way of thinking through what your members need […]