Author: Stephanie McGehee

Stephanie McGehee is the Marketing and Operations Manager for MDRG, Inc. A market research firm focusing on Brand Research, Product Development, Advertising Research and Customer Experience. Stephanie is former Director of Operations at Grit Marketing, giving her a unique perspective on how market research can impact associations.


Three Metrics to Understand the Health of Your Brand

Brand is the personification of your association. Its purpose is to create an identity for your association that people can relate to. In the best of times, it is your biggest asset. In the worst of times, your biggest liability. The health of your brand functions just like personal health: it is vitally important and susceptible […]


5 marketing trends for associations in 2017

Marketing is one of those disciplines that leaves you feeling one step behind all of the time. Particularly now with the increased use of social media and the hundreds of startups flooding your inbox with digital marketing tools, it’s hard to separate what new marketing techniques are actually being implemented successfully vs. what seems to be trendy purely […]


5 signs it’s time to rethink your brand

Whether it’s Uber’s much maligned logo redesign, or Google’s removal of serifs from their logo, a change in your brand also means a change in your customer’s perception of you, for better or for worse. Despite its associated risks, your brand may very well need a revamp. Here are five signs this is the case: 1. DECLINE […]