Author: Stephanie Kusibab

CEO and principal at | Website

Stephanie Kusibab is an accomplished and versatile strategy consultant with more than 20 years’ experience delivering programs that accelerate growth and mission achievement across industries and professions. Stephanie believes the most powerful ideas come from bringing people together. Through deliberate, structured interactions digitally and in-person, she helps organizations tackle high-stakes conversations, mine diverse perspectives, generate new ideas, build stronger teams and understand market opportunities. Stephanie and her team at Essentiam assist client organizations in defining and building their future through strategic planning, mission and vision creation, market analysis, leadership development, new program development and strategy coaching.


5 reasons your 2020 plan might fail

As we head into the new year, each of us has a set of organizational priorities for 2020. For your association, those priorities may be guided by a strategic plan and related formal work plan, or they may simply be a list of important deliverables you’ve jotted down based on your experience. Either way, successfully […]

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