Author: Sigmund VanDamme

Sig is the Membership Software Evangelist for Community Brands, where he focuses on thought leadership through public speaking and writing. Sig has been working with professional and trade associations for over 26 years and is inspired by being part of the association community. Sig was the founder of NimbleUser, which was acquired by Community Brands in 2017. He frequently speaks on the culture of innovation, association technology trends and the human aspects of technology interactions. He has presented at CESSE, ASAE Tech, AMS Fest and a variety of user conferences.


Why leadership support is important when incorporating automation

Over the decades, the world has transformed in a way that makes technology indispensable to organizations with any kind of customer service. We see so many new technologies that allow associations to keep existing members happy and renewing membership all while targeting prospects in order to grow their membership. They also allow associations to recognize […]


Identifying opportunities to automate

When we start talking about automation or artificial intelligence, people often recoil a little. That might stem from a fear of change, or a belief that it will bring drastic change and completely disrupt the way we work. But if we pay close attention, it becomes evident how automation is already impacting various areas in […]



Have you ever Googled “How to download your Facebook data” or “How to download your Google data”? Well, I have for some of my Google data. They’ll tell you where you were on what day, doing what. You’ll find every single photo. I was appalled. But then I thought about how I can go on Chrome, […]