Author: Shelly Alcorn

Shelly began her career in change management at the age of 5 when she was enrolled at what was to be the first of the eleven schools she would attend prior to graduating from high school. Being the perpetual “new kid” forced her to quickly and strategically assess new environments, orient herself to new curriculum, policy and rules, and figure out the political nuance involved in navigating recess.

Shelly kept up the fast pace by holding various positions in different associations and then serving as executive director for two different associations – one a 501(c)(6) and one a 501(c)(3).  She is now a consultant and is fascinated with the intersection between technology, the education to employment system and the association of the future. She develops future-focused retreats and speaks on topics meant to provoke and engage discussion on what it means to be a human in an increasingly machine-driven world.

Being a blue-collar girl in a white-collar world leads to some quirky observations. A revolutionary, self-proclaimed edupunk, she got her CAE (Certified Association Executive) just to prove she knows what she’s doing.  She blogs on the Association Forecast because her cat is a bad listener.

Find her on Twitter - @shellyalcorn or online at


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