Author: Sean Glaze

Sean Glaze

Sean Glaze is an engaging keynote speaker, event facilitator, and the founder of Great Results Teambuilding - a company that specializes helping smart leaders transform employees into winning teammates!
Sean’s clients have a great time laughing together, and then find the value in his debriefing discussions, where he transforms their Ha-Ha’s into powerful A-Ha insights and take-aways. His three books, The Unexpected Leader, Rapid Teamwork, and The 10 Commandments of Winning Teammates are powerful parables for building and leading great teams!

As a successful basketball coach and educator for over 20 years, Sean gained valuable insights into how to develop winning teams - and founded Great Results Teambuilding to share those lessons…
Today, he travels around the country delivering interactive team building events and entertaining teamwork keynotes that deliver relevant and actionable insights!  Sean is a member of both the South East Association of Facilitators and the National Speakers Association, where he earned the distinction of “Member of the Year” for 2015.
He has a B.A. in English from Georgia Southern University, and both a M.A. and Ed. S. in education from Jacksonville State University.  His experience as an educator provides a valuable appreciation of learning styles - and participants rave about the impact of his programs.
Sean lives just outside Atlanta, GA with his wife, their three children, and a very lazy dog.


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