Author: Rick Whelan, CDM

President at Marketing General Incorporated (MGI)

A widely-known industry expert, Rick Whelan is President of Marketing General Incorporated (MGI), now celebrating its 40th year. As company president since 1998, he has developed creative strategies for clients and is responsible for the organization’s overall direction and guidance. A past recipient of the Association TRENDS Partner of the Year Award and the DMAW Award for Distinguished Achievement, Rick is a frequent presenter and speaker and has authored numerous articles on association marketing.


Don’t let ‘perfect’ stand in the way of solving a problem

As great as it would be to take the time to really dig deep into the complexities surrounding a problem and all its possible solutions, watching our budgets and the pile-up of other issues is usually enough to force us to act quickly. Actually, it’s not really a matter of the money. In today’s business […]