Author: Rhea Blanken

Founder & CEO at Results Technology/Blanken Consulting | [email protected]

For over 30 years, Rhea has promoted experiential learning, expeditionary thinking, and the partnership of volunteer and staff leaders within the association community. Her work affects an organization’s productivity, image, impact and influence. Past-based issues disappear; productivity expands; and unexpected and desirable futures appear. Her book, Embracing the Future, a future-focused workbook is full of easy-to-use exercises and activities, supporting organizations, Boards and staff to walk their talk in creative, innovative ways.

She is masterful in facilitating experiential group processes and eliciting enthusiastic and effective participation.  Ms. Blanken is especially successful in creating and accomplishing future-focused Strategic Scenarios. Through her expeditionary approach, the stakeholders become raving champions for the enterprise and its new created future. Rhea works with her clients to imagine, address and confront their un-conceived futures before they become ill conceived. Her profoundly candid and engaging demeanor, complemented by an insightful story-telling presentation style produces memorable experiences where participants are propelled into action.



Distinguishing point of views (POVs) can help better frame one’s value and appreciate the contribution of others. Consider this: Our POV is the world we live in. it’s neither right or wrong, good or bad! However, our POV has us often more committed to being right about something in order to look good, be comfortable, […]