Author: Nick Marzano

Director of Education at Society of Hospital Medicine

Nick is a lifelong learner with over 15 years’ experience in education and organizational leadership. Currently, he brings those very alliterative traits to bear as Director of Education for the Society of Hospital Medicine. He also serves as director on several nonprofit boards, and consults with organizations to design more engaging events and strategic processes. He welcomes your new ideas, challenging thoughts, and banter on Twitter @nmarzano.


What worker co-ops can teach us about the engagement ecosystem

M. Night Shyamalan published a book on the American education system in 2013. Yep, that M. Night Shyamalan, director of such irrefutable classics as “The Sixth Sense,” and such irredeemable stinkers as “The Happening.” Titled “I Got Schooled: The Unlikely Story of How a Moonlighting Movie Maker Learned the Five Keys to Closing America’s Education […]


Workplace fulfillment by the numbers

More and more, employees are prioritizing a meaningful, fulfilling workplace. While workers know fulfillment is a personal experience, they also acknowledge senior leadership’s role in setting a culture that nurtures or stifles a sense of purpose. Last week, in the kick-off article to this series, I suggested senior leadership aim for more than just token […]


The New Gold Standard in Employee Engagement is Fulfillment

What gives you a sense of fulfillment?  For me, the question evokes a lot of little vignettes before any articulate answer. It’s the feeling of progress I get when I train for a big run. It’s cooking all day to share an elaborate Italian feast with friends. It’s the thrill of working on a high-performing […]


Reinventing Association Governance

As the sun came up on our last day at the Mayan Dude Ranch, my mind was spinning. Circling around something. Tightening in like our trick roper’s lasso the previous night. No doubt, this all had a little to do with the potent smell of cowboy coffee, horse hair, and last night’s bourbon in my nostrils […]


Co-Creation: The Value is in the Process

In another life, as a middle school English teacher, my classes would kick off the year by proposing, discussion, and voting on a class constitution, a list of expectations, norms, and promises we would agree to uphold for the rest of the year. Year to year, and class to class, the lists didn’t look that different. […]


Building Value: How Associations Can Leverage the IKEA Effect

You’ve been working for hours on your new IKEA wardrobe. First you unpacked the flatbox into meticulous piles on the bedroom floor. Then you opened the instructions and set carefully to work, tapping wooden dowels, twisting bolts, and holding random screws up to the page to make sure you weren’t using the wrong one. At times, […]