Author: Michael Tatonetti

Director of Certification and Education at

Dr. Michael Tatonetti is the Director of Certification and Education for The Professional Pricing Society, where he oversees global training and development of pricing professionals and their organizations through conferences, online courses, virtual summits and private trainings. His areas of expertise include education, membership, marketing and sales.


Why you should turn the office complainer into your champion

Admit it. We’ve all done it. We’ve all complained at work. If you read the latest and greatest in leadership books, they would tell you this is a sign of poor organizational culture, and while I do not disagree, where others see a problem, I see potential. Complaining is a gold mine. When I hear […]


Here’s a big idea: Innovation can be small

Let’s make a bet. I bet that if you pull any association’s job posting for a leadership opening, you will find the word “innovation” at least half the time, either as a requirement of the type of person or a descriptor of where the organization is going. I also would bet that if you walk […]


6 steps to more meaningful strategy meetings

Nothing excites me more than strategy meetings.   The idea of discussing “what if” and partnering it with realistic plans creates a beautiful intersection of driving stakeholder needs forward while remaining open to new ideas. When I joined the Professional Pricing Society, one problem that became apparent in my first year was that cross-departmental collaboration wasn’t […]

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