Author: Mark Kibble

Senior Technology Manager at American Ceramic Society

Mark Kibble MCSE, CDPS, has a passion for technology and is currently using that passion to move the American Ceramic Society forward with his innovative thinking as their Senior Technology Manager. He has more than 15 years in the Association Technology space and is a member of the American Society of Association Executives, NimbleAMS Advisory Board, Apple Developers Group, as well as being the leader of a group of 325 IT Pros in the Central Ohio Area.


Leading by Example: How Passion Can Drive Technological Change

Changing people’s minds has both an intellectual and an emotional aspect. Intellectually speaking, it is of course important to present people with facts, figures and data to encourage them to commit to a transformative project. On an emotional level however, when it comes to implementing cultural change, your own passion can play an enormous role. If […]


Doing Personalization Right

To imagine the future, it’s sometimes useful to turn our sights to the past. When the internet was first developed and became a part of our professional landscape, what did an organization’s engagement with their communities look like? And, how can technology improve our interactions with members today? Remember the early days of internet retail, for […]