Author: Luke Zimmer

American Staffing Association

Luke Zimmer graduated from Indiana University with degrees in journalism and anthropology. He has worked with associations and non-profits for more than 5 years with a specific interest in social media and online communities.

In addition to his work with the American Staffing Association, Zimmer also volunteers with the American Society of Association Executives where he chairs the ASAE communication section council’s knowledge sub-committee. He is also a frequent speaker at ASAE events in addition to contributing to the ASAE newsletter, Associations Now. Zimmer has also spoken to webinar audiences for Higher Logic, the National Association of Bar Executives, and

In his free time, Zimmer also blogs on community management, social media, and technology news and issues at


What does the future of online communities look like?

Since I moved to DC, I’ve had a lot more time to ponder and listen to podcasts as I wait in traffic on my way to/from work. While all that waiting can be torturous sometimes (every day, I see someone locked in the glass box of their car like an angry mime, beating the steering […]


How to create a sense of ownership in your online community

Members need to trust that their community is a safe space to participate — whether they’re providing positive or negative feedback to their peers. Never allow members to attack someone for sharing their thoughts, and take time to consider whether or not to allow anonymity in posting or reporting content on your community. Ownership is […]


Your extracurriculars could help shape your career

I keep hearing about all these reasons why people shouldn’t work too much — health, wellness, sanity — but nobody has time for that. Don’t get me wrong: Of course you should take care of yourself, but don’t fool yourself into thinking you don’t have the time or the energy to contribute to your profession […]


How to increase your association’s millennial membership

If you’re in the membership department or C-suite of an association, you may have wondered more than once in the last few years why your members are skewing older, or why you’re having trouble attracting millennials to your organization. You’re not alone. From looking at the literature, you’d probably think millennials are the most disruptive […]