Author: Lisa Campo

Lisa Campo is a marketing and comms professional with more than 10 years of editorial, writing and digital content experience, most of it at associations. She loves email and social media marketing, dogs, potatoes and articles about millennials "killing" entire industries.

The Pros and Cons of Evolving Workplaces

My friends were planning a get together last November at a cabin in Virginia. While we were chatting and figuring out arrangements, one of my friends said, “We can head up on a Friday, but if we do, I’ll have to work from the car. I can turn my phone into a hotspot for internet.” […]


5 ways to lose a millennial

We’re lazy narcissists. We destroy everything. We gave up home ownership in favor of avocado toast. Love us or hate us, we’re the largest generation to date, and we are job hunting. If you are unlike the many who are working to attract us as employees, here are five ways to craft the work environment that will lead us […]


The 7 things your members desperately want from your emails

Any association marketer in charge of email has heard it before from our members: “You send me too many emails!” “Why do I get a different email from you EVERY DAY?!” “I like some of the news you send me, but it’s just too much.” Or, simply, “Unsubscribe.” Here are some ways to avoid getting […]

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