Author: Kevin Wilkins

Kevin Wilkins is the founder and Managing Director of trepwise, an impact consulting firm that focuses on providing critical services for organizations (for profit and non-profit) using entrepreneurial thinking and approaches. A graduate of Dartmouth College and Harvard Business School, Wilkins has an extensive business background and has served as Entrepreneur-in-Residence and COO for Idea Village as well as helping to develop Propeller’s entrepreneur curriculum. He and his team have worked with over 400 organizations in New Orleans.


How 3 Companies Built Cultures that Drove Their Success

In today’s business world, there are few corporate clubs more elusive than being known as a “top place to work.” Organizations with the reputation of having a great work culture continue to attract top talent and thrive, while others with toxic or mundane cultures struggle mightily to transform themselves, often to no avail. Silicon Valley […]


Trep Tip: How to Run your Life More Like a Business

It is common practice in the business world for owners to take time to work “on” their business instead of “in” it, to use frameworks and build strategies in order to achieve specific goals. Whether you are running a stand at a farmers market or hold a seat on an executive board, there is a […]