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I am a dedicated association professional and the owner/blogger of

My expertise includes digital marketing strategy, marketing automation and association technology. I am borderline obsessed with new technology and I’m constantly on the lookout for tech that will improve work/life.

When I’m not working on my blog or developing marketing tactics for NAIFA, you can find me running around the block, reading James Michener books, or fishing in a stream off the beaten path.


How to hire the best freelancer

If you already know the pros and cons of hiring a freelancer, then you might be ready to set out and actually hire one. The thought can even seem too good to be true: Low cost and talented individuals who need little management or guidance to do stellar work for your association. But wait. Where do […]


Should you hire a freelancer? Here are the pros and cons

Have you ever had difficulty financially justifying a new hire, despite your staff feeling a little overwhelmed and at max capacity? A full time employee might not be the answer to your staffing challenges. In fact, a full time employee can be a potential risk – if they don’t work out, you’re back to square […]