Author: Ioannis Pallas

Program Manager at ESAE

My studies in two respective fields, International Political Economy and International Relations, provide me with the analytical skills to find combinative solutions in perplex situations and grasp the full extent and consequences of a political or economic development. I have worked in consulting and lobbying, as well as in development projects evaluation. I possess a thorough knowledge of EU and country-member politics and and an insatiable need to be up-to-date with an array of topics, from politics to currencies and commodity prices. I run the Secretariat of the European Society of Association Executives. I speak four languages, and I'm based in Brussels.


Local Perspective: Brussels

No matter where you are in the world, associations are encountering similar challenges, and finding similar opportunities. Globalization presents us with opportunities to collaborate and flourish, but also has its own set of bottlenecks that aren’t necessarily seen locally. Differences can range from barely noticeable to rather remarkable from one geographical region to another, or […]