Author: Dresden Farrand

Vice President of Chapter Development at IEC

Dresden Farrand serves as the Vice President of Chapter Development at IEC, and is responsible for the direction and overall management of chapter development and the component relations program of the organization. Dresden extensive expertise in membership/sponsorship management, member engagement, program management, governance, strategic planning, leadership development, innovation, diversity, and evaluation.

Prior to serving at IEC, Dresden led her previous organization through an expansion and overall restructuring of the membership program and component model which included a significant membership dues increase, a 35% increase in membership over 3 years, the addition of 14 chapters components, a 24% increase in retention, and increased revenue.

As a Certified Association Executive (CAE), Dresden currently serves as a member of the CAE Commission and holds two Masters degrees in Public Administration and Public Policy. Dresden is also a passionate speaker in the area of membership development, component relations, and retention strategies. Dresden is a 2016 Forty Under 40® Award Recipient of Association Forum and USAE.


Evaluating Our Leadership Styles

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