Author: Deborah Rodney

Following a successful career as a senior marketing executive and running her own marketing and branding agency, Deborah Rodney served six years as the Regional Director of ProVisors, a 5,000-member national professional networking organization. During her tenure with ProVisors, she recruited over 1,200 professionals and started 20 new groups, nearly doubling the membership; she developed, launched and led numerous member and leadership training programs and workshops; and she created successful retention strategies and programs that improved the organization’s bottom line.

Upon leaving ProVisors, Deborah founded Membership Resources, a consulting practice focused on working with business and professional associations to get, keep, support and engage their members. Membership Resources offers training, coaching and customized assessments to support the organizations’ leaders and decision makers. Deborah develops programs that are designed to address the various membership challenges and provide proven, actionable solutions. Her objective is to bring a renewed sense of community and loyalty, which results in elevating the organization’s brand and improving its bottom line.

Deborah is a committed networker who is passionate about developing and nurturing relationships and connecting people and opportunities.

Deborah lives in Los Angeles with her husband and is occasionally visited by one or more of her four millennial sons or stepsons.


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