Author: Dave Will

While working for the multi-billion dollar software company SAP nearly 20 years ago, Dave Will was advised to “walk faster and smile less, because perception is reality." Dave took this feedback to heart and started a business based on the antithesis of this advice. Fourteen years later, Dave successfully sold Peach New Media, an LMS for associations, which is now part of Community Brands. Since then, Dave and Cameron Aubuchon built a feedback automation platform called PropFuel, and they’re here to help associations improve member engagement and build stronger relationships through conversation marketing.



When it comes to becoming a more innovative organization and leveraging today’s technological advancements for the overall betterment of the association and its operations, it all starts with the vision. Just look at how the tech stack comes out of the organization’s vision and their strategic plan. It might be very well worth borrowing philosophies from outside the […]