Author: Clive Roux

Association CEO

Clive Roux is a trained industrial designer and Association CEO on a mission to reinvent the value proposition for associations in the digital age by applying his Design Thinking, Product Management and Innovation skills to rethink what associations can offer this century.

He leads successful organizations using Design Thinking as his core strategy; placing the users at the center of his problem-solving activities, understanding their challenges and then constantly adding new value for them. Earlier in his career as a design leader for Philips Electronics, his design studios won every major design award and sold over 120 million consumer products.

As an association CEO, Roux has reinvented and grown two design organizations: The Society for Experiential Graphic Design and the Industrial Designers Society of America. Roux authored  “Creating Digital Value for Members: The first stop on the road to relevance for Non-profits and Associations" in February 2020.


Growing your audience during the pandemic? Yep, it’s possible

Circumstances have definitely changed for all association leaders! Does your new strategy embrace digital? COVID-19 has made physical meetings and events, the mainstay of all association programs, less desirable or even impossible to host in the near future. That is a massive change in circumstance that needs to be addressed in a new strategic plan.  […]


The Key to Attracting Millennials

I am not an expert on Millennials, but I have three daughters aged 22, 20 and 18 so I am definitely gaining some basic understanding of how they think. I have also studied, in a previous life as a designer, how technology changes the way that the generation react to the world around them. When […]


Shifting Your Digital Focus to Unlock Potential

Association leaders need to shift their focus from looking at how digital technologies can make their operations easier, to concentrating on gaining clarity about their community’s needs to do better in their careers. Associations view themselves as different from for-profit corporations. True, they are mission driven, not profit driven. But in one respect this mission-driven […]


Association 2.0 – Digital Transformation and Relevance in the Digital Age

In 2012 my association was confronting member disengagement and depletion. We knew that less than 50% of our members attended our events (for multiple reasons). 15% of the membership consisted of international members and the relevance of associations had waned somewhat through the 00’s. Membership was on a slow downward slide and finances were tracking […]