Author: Carrie Severson

Carrie Severson is a Storyteller Coach for women.

Her storytelling philosophy is unique. Carrie believes storytelling is a Law of Attraction magnet. It is our birthright to share our stories and when we share from a heart-centered place, positive experiences unfold on our path.

She’s most passionate about helping leaders uncover the messages they are here to share and unapologetically share those stories through essays, books and speeches. She is well versed in moving through the fear of being visible and breaks down fear with her clients to find the root of their hesitation to sharing. Busting through creative blocks is Carrie’s secret sauce!

Her storytelling career started in college at Arizona State University. Her mission has always been to help women share their stories. With 20 years in the publishing industry, Carrie is masterful at bringing stories to light. She uses her intuitive skills to create powerful, positive, impactful stories and works with clients around the world to do the same.

She has a background in journalism, public relationships and marketing and has been on a deep spiritual quest for more than a decade. She blends her storytelling gift and spiritual experience as she works with women in one-on-one coaching, group programs or online storytelling courses she’s created.



So many times people came to me and said, “There’s no place for me to be heard or seen” or “It’s such a saturated marketplace! I’m not even going to bother trying to share my story.” Even more so, the concept of storytelling has gotten a somewhat bad reputation lately because so many people are using […]