Author: Beth Burchill

Meetings Coordinator at American Counseling Association

Beth Burchill is a Penn State graduate with a BS degree in Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management and returns every year for Penn States Alumni in the Classroom program. She started her career at the Lancaster Marriott and Convention Center then spent 5 years at the worlds largest wholly owned DMC, Kuoni Destination Management, in their Washington DC office servicing the Northeast. She is currently the Meetings Coordinator at the American Counseling Association in Alexandria, VA and loves living close to our nations capital.


3 ways to break down organizational silos

“Silo” has become a buzzword in the association industry. It almost always carries bad connotations, suggesting a culture that stifles connection and collaboration. Silos are groups that emerge in the workplace, in departments, projects or committees, that become so insular they do not share any knowledge or efforts with other silos who may be working on similar […]


The ‘millennial problem’ isn’t actually a problem

Millennial. It’s a term we hear everywhere from the evening news to our HR director. Just mentioning it makes me feel as though I’ve spoken a dirty word. The lazy, tech-obsessed, entitled generation only good for living in their parents’ basements and playing with their latest gadget while changing jobs every six months. Or so […]

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