Author: Amy Lestition Burke

Vice President of Member Engagement at MCI USA

Amy Lestition Burke, CAE, MA serves as Vice President of Member Engagement for MCI USA, a creative solutions provider to help organizations create communities and new levels of engagement. Burke focuses her work on association management and consulting for MCI USA’s clients, including strategic communications and marketing to organizational development and change. Her role as ASAE’s Membership Council has positioned has positioned her as the go–to expert for membership strategies around both retention, recruitment and engagement. Within MCI USA, Burke currently serves as executive director for the Special Libraries Association (SLA), a nonprofit international organization for innovative information professionals and their strategic partners.

Previously, Burke served as the chief operating officer for the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Association (PRA) and Psychiatric Rehabilitation Foundation (PRF), where she implemented aggressive stakeholder engagement strategies for both professional and trade association members. Through her work with MCI USA’s consulting clients, she has also provided insights to various non-profit organizations, including International Technology Law Association, American Medical Student Association, Regulatory Affairs Professionals Society, American School Health Association, the ESOP Association, and National Child Support Enforcement Association. Previously, she served as executive vice president for the Photo Marketing Association International (PMA), managing enterprise-wide operations across four international offices and managed a CDC Grant awarded to the Interstitial Cystitis Association (ICA). From 2006-2012, Burke served as executive director of Association Media & Publishing (AM&P), where she led several critical initiatives, including name change and rebranding, membership re-structure, editorial strategy, and program content and management.


How We Turned a Hacking Disaster Into an Opportunity

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