Author: Jocelyn Gunter

Jocelyn Gunter, IGP, CPA. As Chief Executive Officer of ARMA International, Jocelyn Gunter blends the magic of data and the art of human relations to achieve the best possible outcomes for the membership, the association and the Information management itself.

With the explosion of data and information and access to them, Gunter is on a professional mission to help organizations (both public and private sectors) ‘connect the dots’ and find common ground in ARMA’s comprehensive approach to Information Governance with a critical foundation of Information management (which encompasses records management) and rooted in ARMA’s standards and principles.  Gunter believes the result will be a new level of collective confidence and understanding in all areas, from terminology, to processes to roles and responsibilities, where information is impacting the world.

Prior to this role Gunter served as Deputy Chief Executive of ARMA International. In this role, Gunter is credited with strengthening ARMA’s financial standing and refocusing the organization’s resources and efforts on the areas that best empower its membership and the industry; actions that promote the value of information and the profession, provide educational resources and industry metrics, and foster a sense of community that enables the kinds of networking and mentoring that help members meet their specific needs and goals.

Gunter, an IGP and CPA, with a background in Not-For-Profit Finance and Attestation, was formerly the Interim Chief Staff officer at ARMA International, and before that its Chief Financial Officer. She also serves as the President of the Just Food, Inc. Board of Directors, a local food bank.



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