Author: Veronica Meadows

Senior Director at Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards

Veronica Meadows is the senior director of strategy for the Council of Landscape Architectural Registration Boards. She collaborates with the CEO to identify, analyze, develop and execute strategies that advance the organization’s strategic and operational goals. She supports value creation through management of a strategic system that emphasizes environmental awareness, foresight, creativity, innovation, and continuous assessment and adjustment.

In partnership with the CEO, she manages the leadership development, growth and renewal program and strategic governance processes to ensure ongoing organizational effectiveness and leadership. Veronica is responsible for managing the organization’s brand, developing communications strategy and leading the effort to promote member engagement, growth and development. Her 18-year career in association management includes experience in customer service, continuing education, marketing, communications, customer and public relations, strategic planning, leadership development and strategic governance. She is a Certified Association Executive.


Cultivating Leadership on the Boards of Tomorrow

To open this article, I want to share with you my board of directors’ governing intent and the lens through which it works: “As the organization’s primary stewards the CLARB board of directors exercises its duty of foresight and learns with the future about the powerful forces reshaping the regulatory environment for landscape architecture.” Governing intent is so […]