Author: Sheri Singer

Singer Communications

Sheri is passionate about helping her association clients solve their communication, public relations and marketing challenges. With more than 25 years of award-winning experience, Sheri launched Singer Communications 15 years ago after serving as a senior executive for top PR agencies (Ketchum PR), and as the senior communications officer for nonprofits. Both on staff and as a consultant, she has worked with more than 75 nonprofits. She serves on ASAE councils and committees and is a frequent speaker and author for ASAE and PRSA.


More Than a Logo Change: Rebrand Reflections

Your association’s brand is your image, or the perception of the association by your target audiences. In short, it’s your association’s personality. Often we think of a rebrand as changing your association’s logo—but it’s more complicated than that. Rebranding also involves your color scheme, tagline, and messaging. It includes your print and digital communications such […]


What The Book of Mormon Taught Me About Association Management

Editor’s Note: I attended Sheri’s session at ASAE16 and found the insights from her panelists to be invaluable, so I asked her to write an article summing up the points. For ASAE16 I thought about using a symbol of the Salt Lake City as a metaphor for associations—winter sports, mountains, Mormons. Since I had just […]

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