Author: Rob Miller

Rob Miller, MPA CAE, is the SVP of Revenue at Gravitate Solutions where he helps guide corporate strategic direction, product vision, and oversees customer relations, sales and marketing. Prior to Gravitate, Mr. Miller served as the Senior Vice President of Business Development, Strategic Planning and Operations at 340B Health, an association of over 1400 hospitals. Mr. Miller has extensive experience identifying and implementing industry-best practices at associations. Prior to joining 340B Health, he was the founder and president of several software and consulting firms that provided solutions to associations including Avectra (now Abila), which he grew to 200+ staff. Earlier in his career, he worked for the National Association of Broadcasters and the White House Office of Management of Budget. He was a Presidential Management Fellow at OMB.



We are seeing an increasing number of freelancers in the United States and more change than ever in the freelance job market, as shown in this Upwork study. We have a dramatic shift in the labor markets where at one end of the spectrum we have millennials who demand a very clear work-life balance and at the […]