Author: Paolo Melgarejo

Paolo is a consummate designer of things that solve real world problems. His background is in software development, data analysis and UX research. His experience has always been grounded in the philosophy of designing solutions around real problems that people face. He’s developed dozens of data products, some of which have been adopted by tech leaders such as Google, HP and Konica Minolta.

His experience has been shaped by being the tech lead and product designer for many innovation centers whose mandate was to develop AI or data products, including the Stanford Research Institute. He eventually took the role as the CEO of Aria, a mental health company that applied predictive AI to patient diagnostics and treatment planning. This spun off into an AI consultancy which developed products for Fortune 1000 companies and non-profits.

He is now the director of Ikiru, an institution that combines AI, design thinking and engineering to co-create data products that solve an organization’s top problems. Nowadays he can be found huddling around the warm glow of his laptop screen as he binge watches Black Mirror, Mad Men and other Netflix staples; a common survival strategy for Canadians during winter season.


What Exactly Is Predictive Analytics?

Everyone is talking about how AI and predictive analytics are changing the world. But what does this change actually look like, and how does it work? Predictive analytics goes something like this: Data is collected. This could comprise of all sorts of things: web clicks, demographic information, email campaigns or sales, to name a few. […]