Author: Miranda Barrett

Miranda Barrett, CAE, is an 11-year veteran of the association world, with experience spanning membership, global growth, partnerships and programming. She co-founded Magpie Media Group to help associations achieve big goals through compelling videos.

She spent 10 years with the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), growing the membership, launching new chapters around the world and running a global competition series of student entrepreneurs. Miranda switched to consulting in 2017, working with a variety of associations on structure and growth.

After spending 10 years in the company of successful entrepreneurs, she made the leap herself and and launched Magpie Media Group with her brother, to provide associations with compelling videos that get results. The Magpie team is a combination of technical know-how and association experience, and having way more fun than “work” should be.

Contact Miranda to chat about video needs, membership best practices, global projects and how to give a good speech while totally jet lagged.


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