Author: Marice Fernando

Manager at Knowledge Management & Member Engagement at Exponent Philanthropy

Marice Fernando is Manager of Knowledge Management & Member Engagement at Exponent Philanthropy, an association dedicated to serving funders with few or no staff. In her role she works to improve the organizations collection, accuracy, and use of data to inform decision making. She also helps members utilize their benefits so they can increase their knowledge, build relationships in the field, and easily identify time and cost savings.
Marice is passionate about supporting the development of community focused nonprofits both locally and internationally and enjoys cooking, baking, and running in her free time.


The Case for Human Connection in a Techie World

In today’s digital era, the world is changing to favor convenience. Technology and automation give us bots to answer our questions 24/7, personalized messaging, and curated recommendations for what products to buy or shows to watch based on our past interactions. This personalization makes life easier, but keeping the human connection is also important.  One […]


Retaining Longtime Members: What We Thought We Knew

Last year, we noticed a trend at our association: A segment of longtime members was not engaging with us or renewing. We thought we knew how to respond, but what we learned surprised us, and changed our interaction with this segment of our membership. When Exponent Philanthropy acquired a more powerful database in 2016, we started tracking and analyzing […]