Author: Liz Icenogle

Executive Director

Liz Icenogle, CAE, is the Executive Director of Engagement with a portfolio that includes strengthening the association’s member experience by creating strong member value and offering a compelling reason to join the association along with overseeing the organization’s 950 component volunteer outreach, serving as the corporate secretary to the Board of Directors, and engaging the association’s various government affairs and international engagements. She connects strategy to programs and tactics that increase member value and impact a positive volunteer experience.

Icenogle is a graduate of Westminster College.  She served on their Alumni Council and has recently served on Boards for community groups, ASAE committees, chaired a committee for KCSAE and leads portions on their programs for the CAE study group and Associations 101.  In 2014 she was honored as KCSAE’s Emerging Professional of the Year and was chosen for ASAE’s NextGen Summit in 2015.

As a remote environment employee and mother to a young child, she is currently exploring how to have it all: managing the fluidity of work and life, giving of her time and service, averaging 10,000 steps a day (usually alongside her great dane, Jordy) and having a herb garden that thrives.


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