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JP Moery is the President and founder of The Moery Company. He has more than 25 years of experience in the association industry, having built a track record of success at the nation’s most influential associations. Headquartered in Alexandria, VA, The Moery Company is a fast growing firm focused on the revenue growth of associations and nonprofits.


How to make the offer your sponsors can’t refuse

Does your prospectus follow the same old format? I’ve seen a few lately, and I can tell you from my experience, chances are your prospectus needs a fresh approach. It’s time to shake things up and create something that will catch the prospect’s attention. I have a few tips for you: USE DATA Prospective sponsors […]


I run a small business. Here’s how to recruit me to your association.

During my 25 years in the association business, I’ve seen organizations discuss the value of recruiting and retaining small businesses, and the frustration of servicing growth enterprises. But now I have a unique perspective as a small business. Dilemma #1. Most associations can make the case that I need to be interested in government relations. […]


How to efficiently bring your CEO to sales meetings

I recently had a fantastic conversation with a number of senior sales executives, and the topic of CEOs playing a key role in sales was a big part of the discussion. I mean, what better person to sell your organization than the top boss? Here are some key thoughts on the process: 1. Your entire […]


Associations should sell solutions, not products

I was inspired recently by a quote I saw posted on LinkedIn that really struck me: “It’s Not the Products You Sell, It’s the Problems You Solve.” And I thought about this perspective for our clients and for associations selling membership in particular. From what I see in my business – selling solutions is what […]


3 podcasts to boost your association revenue

These podcasts tie together several innovative strategies toward moving the ball forward, from recruiting your CEO to jumping into the sales game, to landing the “huge” membership accounts, to digging deep to find out what your association sponsors really want and how to give it them. Surefire Sales Strategies for Association CEOs Increasingly, I’m finding […]


How to create a ’boutique’ sponsorship program

With sponsorship dollars down and withering vendor enthusiasm for legacy sponsorships (i.e. the coffee break), a different approach to revenue growth is desperately needed. A trend I’ve seen developing (slowly) is presenting prospects and long-time sponsors with a customized or “boutique” sponsorship opportunity. The problem is no one on the sales side is being proactive […]