Author: Joshua Hiller

Since 1994, Joshua Hiller has been a professional software developer and security analyst, working as a private contractor, team member, and team leader. Specializing in automation, integration, penetration auditing and forensics, Josh has over 15 years experience working in the non-profit industry in roles such as application developer, department director, and vice president.

A married father of three girls, Josh’s interests include; art, comic books, fantasy, science (and science fiction), application and network security, software development and tropical fish. His favorite type of cichlid is Astronotus ocellatus (Oscar), followed closely by Andinoacara rivulatus (Green Terror). If left alone for long periods of time around new software or technology, Josh is highly likely to take it apart to try and figure out how it works. At random, infrequent intervals, Josh likes to create games out of interesting puzzles he’s encountered.


How I increased my audience 10x without saying anything differently

It’s not what you have to say. It’s how you go about saying it. As many of you are probably aware, I’m very passionate about all things cybersecurity-related. In fact, I’d be almost willing to say I’m somewhat of a nerd. This is especially true when discussing authentication (specifically the handling of credentials and the method […]


Does your staff take cyber security seriously?

A long time ago, in an IT department far, far away, I managed a wide-area network comprised of about 120 users. This was during the havoc-filled days of the budding Internet, where new worms and viruses cropped up almost daily with names like “LoveLetter” and “Red Button.” These malware packages, exceedingly virulent and easy to […]


Can science fiction help you see the future?

We spend a lot of time thinking about what the future is going to look like. And that makes sense, right? We plan out our careers. We write five-year plans. We put together strategies to move the needle forward in our organizations. And then comes disruption. The linear paths we’ve crafted for ourselves are completely […]


When appliances attack! How to secure your Internet-connected devices

The Internet is a constantly changing, living organism. With the tremendous growth of Internet connected devices, we are seeing this living entity enter into a sort of “adolescence” as it struggles through this massive influx of new hosts. Similar to our own bodies, cells of the Internet are attacking other cells (sometimes on an exceedingly […]


3 misconceptions that expose associations to hackers

Cyber attacks haunt our headlines so often these days, even major hacks around the world don’t always make the evening news. The toll of the 9 largest hacks last year added up to $1 billion and 480 million leaked records. These numbers are obviously staggering, but as you read them, do you consider these facts […]


“How Long Until We’re Hacked?”: A Lesson In Server Vulnerability

Thousands of internet-connected devices and servers are being brought online everyday, many times with little thought to security. The lack of security oversight for these server activations is hugely problematic, but it can be hard to run down reliable industry reports or data that reflect this impact directly. So, I decided to run an experiment […]

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