Author: John Mancini

John Mancini is a 35+ year veteran of 3 major associations, the last two focused on the dramatic technology changes that are transforming what it means to be “an association” in the 21st century. His passions are technology, associations, and the Washington Nationals, likely not in that order.

He shares his association experience with other associations as a Principal at Monomyth Collab and is the Chief Evangelist at AIIM (the Association for Information and Image Management). John has strong feelings—many of them based on an inordinate number of technology scars—about the technology infrastructures we use to run associations


Why are associations losing their community value?

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the challenges associations face in creating meaningful and engaging experiences for the communities they serve. This is, after all, the bread and butter of most associations. It’s what we should be great at: Professional networking and connections are at the heart of what associations are all about. But […]


Being human still counts, especially for associations

At our AIIM16 Conference, we decided it was time to do something more than just have a lot of great sessions and great keynotes and fun food and social activities. We decided in our small way to use the occasion to also give something back. After all, we are a non-profit, for-purpose organization. This wasn’t […]


Let’s not forget why we’re in the association business

Perhaps it’s been some of the political talk of banning refugees and immigrants based on religion or perhaps it’s evidence that some of the low-end politics of my association life have finally gotten to me, but during a recent day off, I somehow got it into my head to do something that I had meant […]


The 5 board members from Hell

After 35 years working as the staff guy in three different non-profits, serving on a variety of community boards and listening to stories from some of my colleagues in other organizations, I have to say 98 percent of people I have both worked with and for on non-profit boards are terrific people. They care, they do their […]