Author: Genevieve Leclerc

Geneviève has 22 years of experience in congress management and consultancy for associations, having worked for a PCO as well as within an international association, and having consulted with dozens of associations.

She currently works with international associations and DMOs on embracing change and creating value. She’s passionate about applying design thinking and lean start-up practices to accompany organizations through innovation. She seeks to design strategies using collaborative approaches that combine learning and problem solving, and that facilitate implementation. As a disruptive thinker, Geneviève loves to challenge established processes in order to design creative solutions. She also has a keen interest for how associations use technologies to accomplish high-level goals.

Geneviève volunteers on many projects that apply social innovation principles and generate social impact. Most recently, she has founded a network of international associations in Montreal and is very active on the social innovation scene in her home city.


Workshopping Innovation: How We Taught Design Thinking

It is one thing to commit to a pathway towards innovation. Bringing people along the road with you, however, can be an innovation project in itself. The process of teaching a new framework, or inspiring your team to embrace a different methodology, is its own opportunity to create and discover. Recently I had the chance to […]