Author: Ed Rigsbee

Chief Member Evangelist at Rigsbee Research | Website

Ed Rigsbee is the Chief Member Evangelist at Rigsbee Research and the Executive Director of the Cigar PEG, Inc. He has authored five books and over 2,000 articles on business and organizational collaborations. He travels internationally delivering keynote presentations and multi-day workshops on member recruitment and strategic alliance development to Corporate and non-profit audiences. Rigsbee is frequently engaged by membership organizations to facilitate various boards of director meetings and his proprietary Member ROI Valuation Process.


Associate members: Meeting sponsors or strategic partners?

What’s your treatment paradigm? Some associations treat their supplier members like lepers, while others consider their associate members to be potential strategic partners. Where does your association sit in this dichotomy? The paradigm for some associations is that of continually figuring out how to squeeze the last possible dime out of their suppliers, while others […]


Information overload: Sipping from a fire hydrant

How do I stop the insanity? Monthly, I get about 60 trade magazines mailed to my office. Daily, I receive about 10 electronic newsletters to my inbox. And, via social electronic networking — between Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter — I’m bombarded hourly. How about you? Are you finding it hard to decide where to dedicate […]


Are mission-driven associations dying?

There seems to be a continual “old guard/new guard” debate as to the purpose of associations. This might mean paid staff, volunteer leaders, or rank and file members. The old guard position is generally that people in the industry or profession need to join the organization to serve and give back — our job is […]