Author: Candice Davis

Candice Davis is a Virtual Programs Manager at Innovatis Group, a full-service association and customer engagement agency located in Nashville, TN. Her primary focus is on driving year-round value for members and partners of technology user groups through unique and creative virtual strategies and offerings.


Using a Committee to Gather Collective Insight

Virtual events are more than just a convenient and fun means for education and engagement. While it is important to work hard to translate the in-person experience into the virtual space effectively, virtual events are in themselves a unique and valuable form of interaction (which I have written about before). Understanding your event attendees’ needs and creating […]


Bringing the Real World into Virtual Events

The world connects virtually, and it is no different for the associations we serve. Building effective virtual programs drives value for members across borders, provides cost effective means for engagement, and creates a unique forum for networking and learning. But a common mistake in planning virtual programs is limiting the vision of the event to the […]