Author: Addy M. Kujawa

Known for her colorful style, Addy Kujawa is a results-oriented, creative, and energetic leader with more than 16 years of association management experience. During her first six years as CEO, she led the American Association of Orthopaedic Executives (AAOE) out from under another association, moved the association to another state, and doubled the staff size to manage an expanded menu of products and services, all while ensuring steady membership growth and financial stability.

Addy is a serial strategic visionary driven by success. She consistently identifies and capitalizes on market opportunities to maximize reach and growth potential, whether developing distinctive sponsorship opportunities tailored to potential partners or embracing a unique staff culture to attract talent to her team.

In addition to her day job, Addy is a frequent speaker at association industry events, presenting on a variety of topics ranging from personal branding to strategic planning and whatever else catches her fancy. As a volunteer, Addy has served the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) in many capacities since 2011, most recently as the Chair of the Membership Section Council, currently serves on the board of directors of the Indiana Society of Association Executives (ISAE), serves on the Editorial Advisory Council of Meeting Mentor Magazine, and even makes time to hold the position of vice president of a school PTO. Well-regarded by her peers in association leadership, Addy was recognized as the ISAE “Association Executive of the Year” in 2015, an honor that still makes her blush.


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