What began as a notion in November 2017 has now confidently become a certainty: that the best, brightest, and boldest ideas come from minds meeting. Along with thousands of association professionals, AssociationSuccess.org saw this thesis in action, and over the past 2 years our free virtual conference has evolved. It’s gone from a vanguard experiment to an anticipated gathering for collaboration around innovative ideas.

Therefore, we are delighted to announce that SURGE Growth is underway and will be taking place this November 6th to 8th, 2019! The subject of sustainable growth is multi-faceted, and by examining and developing each of the major factors that influence it, every attendee and association representative can benefit.

Of course, because this event is powered by community, we need your help. We have now opened our call for speakers, and you might not be too surprised at this point to hear that we’re doing things a little differently this time.

We’ve taken thought-provoking quotes from the last SURGE event, and these now make up the starting point of our upcoming sessions. Below is the list of quotes, and each one is providing inspiration for a session. If you decide to apply as a speaker, consider these prompts. By responding to the quote, you are putting yourself “in the running” to be a speaker in the corresponding session.

What makes up a good response? Sharing past relevant experiences, initiatives that your association has pursued or is pursuing with success, ideas and inspiration from other industries, or anything that the quote triggers in your mind. And of course, every good response will incorporate the theme of growth.

The deadline to submit is Friday August 9th at midnight. You can begin the application here.

Quote 1:

“I find my hardest challenge is teaching or providing the knowledge to executive staff on how to use data to make business decisions.”

Quote 2:

“Once you start to think deeply about member needs, you’ll find that new potential revenue streams start surfacing.”

Quote 3:

“It’s more you have to set member expectations that the first iteration will be somewhat buggy. Thus the main criteria for those who use the initial product is enthusiasm, and a willingness to work with the issues and give feedback.”

Quote 4:

“Our challenge is that we have all these great ideas but as a true small staff association we are challenged by lack of time and resources.”

Quote 5:

Rather than asking for answers, our questions were meant more to probe/learn; we created more opportunities for conversations rather than surveying and Q&A; #empathy.”

Quote 6:

If I had 20 days to solve a problem, I would spend 19 days defining it. That might be an Einstein quote. Not sure.”

We look forward to welcoming new and returning attendees alike, it’s always a pleasure to inspire, problem solve, and grow together!

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