Engage People


What it means to be an association member is changing

In my post earlier this week, I pushed the issue of defining engagement. But the first half of the phrase “member engagement” could also use a little attention. We throw around the word “member” a lot, not acknowledging we have a lot of baggage that goes with it. Granted, we are membership organizations, so I […]


How does your association define engagement?

Everyone in the association world cares about member engagement (or should, anyway). And a lot of people in the association world are actively trying to measure engagement and improve engagement. Which is fine, except for one problem: Very few people have actually defined engagement.  Maddie and I have done some long-term work with a couple […]


Being human still counts, especially for associations

At our AIIM16 Conference, we decided it was time to do something more than just have a lot of great sessions and great keynotes and fun food and social activities. We decided in our small way to use the occasion to also give something back. After all, we are a non-profit, for-purpose organization. This wasn’t […]


5 signs it’s time to rethink your brand

Whether it’s Uber’s much maligned logo redesign, or Google’s removal of serifs from their logo, a change in your brand also means a change in your customer’s perception of you, for better or for worse. Despite its associated risks, your brand may very well need a revamp. Here are five signs this is the case: 1. DECLINE […]

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