Thinking about partnering with us?

If you haven’t already, I would recommend first reading what we’re about.

It’s our strong conviction that industry partners are an integral part of our problem-solving mission. You hold the solutions to various industry pain-points, and our job is therefore to facilitate collaboration between association executives and industry experts to harness and implement this knowledge.

Our upcoming virtual conference is an initiative specifically designed for collaborative innovation. Assembling creative minds from across the globe, this event is focused on creating strategies for meaningful change. We want the insight and experience of industry partners in this discussion, to offer real solutions – and to enable these strategies to be disseminated across the industry.

Partnering with us for this virtual conference isn’t about just slapping your logo onto our material: we want to give you value and a voice in the conversation. We will offer you a consistent brand presence; provide various channels through which to distribute your solution to our engaged and forward-thinking community including video segments and e-book contributions; and support your thought leadership by creating and sharing educational content in line with your business objectives. With our combined commitment to and knowledge of the association industry, in partnership we can make a huge and positive impact on its future.

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