Guillermo Ortiz de Zarate

Born and raised in Buenos Aires, Guillermo, has been leading the development and implementation of technology for companies in industries such as engineering, urban development, healthcare, banking, international commerce, marketing, and government for over 25 years.

In 1998 Guillermo was hired to lead the technology department for an Argentinean branch in Buenos Aires for an American company headquartered in Washington, DC. In August of 1999, Guillermo was promoted and relocated to the headquarters in DC to lead the corporate software team. The company sponsored his US permanent residency that led to his naturalization.

Guillermo joined NCARB in April 2007 as the assistant director, information systems and in August 2009, Guillermo was promoted to director, information systems to lead the modernization of the Council’s technology. In February of 2017, Guillermo was promoted again to Chief Information & Innovation Officer, leading not only the Information Systems department, but also the development of new sources of revenue through the commercialization of NCARB’s technology and the implementation of an innovation framework.

Guillermo holds BS in Information Technology and an MBA from Carey School of Business at the Johns Hopkins University.

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