Holly Duckworth

Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP, LSP is a trailblazing keynote speaker and mindful advisor to business leaders and social change makers. As a contributor to the New York Times and multiple meetings and association industry publications, she works with stressed-out meeting professionals to create, peace, presence, and profits. Our world has become mind less. Thru mindfulness training Holly works with people to know what mindfulness is, what it is not. Then apply those mindfulness techniques to produce more productive and profitable meetings. She is the host and the producer of Everyday Mindfulness Show on iTunes and The New Thought Channel online watched by loyal of viewers each week around the world.

Holly’s awards include Meetings Today 2018 Trendsetter and 2016 Smart Meetings Woman of the Year. Holly’s current book Mindful Leadership: The Stress-Free Guide to leadership is a best seller and her award-winning book Ctrl+Alt+Believe: Reboot Your Association For Success has won two national awards. Holly believes mindfulness builds leaders and organizations that work for everyone.

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