The Top Articles of 2018

Written by Arianna Rehak on December 27, 2018

As 2018 comes to a close, we’ve taken the time at to reflect on how much we’ve grown and changed, and the direction we’ll take in the coming year. As we approach our third birthday, we’ve learned from our growing pains and made our New Year’s Resolutions focused on becoming more coordinated, efficient, and determined! We’re hoping you’re visualizing the rise of a young foal and smiling fondly.

You see, our core purpose is to promote forward-thinking ideas within the association space. That is why our articles are not intended to be rhetorical, but rather are starting points for much bigger conversations within our community.

So with that, I’ve rounded up the most popular articles that we’ve published in the last year, as it is our hope that it has sparked meaningful discussion. If an idea resonates, I challenge you to think about how to actively apply it to your association in a way that moves your core purpose forward in 2019:


5 Basic Rules for Member Service

Cecilia Sepp gives an important reminder that association management is a service industry and we are here to help people. A refresher for the essential rules of member service was a welcome contribution!


Bringing the Real World Back into Engagement Scores

“Often member engagement scores have little to do with the real world, and need to connect to something more substantial to reflect how our members actually interact with our organizations and why they do it.” Kerry Cosby shares his ideas about membership engagement scores and how they can be used to gain tangible insights.


Volunteer Vs. Staff Overcoming Different Perspectives

Alicia Skulemowski gives an excellent overview of the complexities when aligning volunteer, staff, and board perspectives, and the negotiations required to keep everyone focused on their shared vision.


No More No-Shows: How to Increase Attendance at Free Events

For those who want to shrink the gap between the number of registrants and attendees at free events, Danielle Hopkins offers some clever and effective advice.


The #1 Membership Development Mistake—and How to Avoid it

No time is wasted with Deborah Rodney, as she gets to the root of the problem and looks in close detail at what associations need to establish a stable and valued relationship with its members from the very beginning.

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