The Real Value of Associations for Members

Written by Amanda Kaiser on January 28, 2019

What is the real value of associations for members?

I have heard members say, “I felt very uncertain, even scared, about taking the next step in my career but, the association helped me be confident.” Or, “I was assigned a big project no one in our company had attempted but, I found help through the association.” I felt very unsure, and now I am more confident.

Some members might say, “the value of my association is talking to other people who get it because I’m the only one like me at my organization.” While others may say, “Now I have someone to call when I do not know what to do,” or just, “I know there are others like me doing what I do and thinking as I think, which is good to know.” I was alone, and now I have found my people.

Members say things like, “a board member made a point of stopping and talking to me in the hall at the conference.” Or, “it is such a collegial group that whenever I speak, I feel heard.” I feel valued.

The reason members continue to be members is not just for the conference, or the chapter events, or the research report. The reason members become ardent, loyal, super engaged members is because of the positive ways the association makes them feel.

How does your association make members feel?

Editor’s note: This article was first published on Amanda Kaiser’s blog.