SURGE Optimism: Know Before You Go

Written by Lucie Robathan on November 5, 2018

SURGE is our free interactive virtual conference for association professionals - and it’s happening this week on November 7-9th! Here are some things to know before you go:

The Basics

What to expect:

The event consists of 15 sessions, shown over three days, from 12-5PM EST. As the sessions play, an attendee chat will run alongside. Speakers will also be in the chat, answering all of your questions and sharing resources!

The last hour every day is a Happy Hour Bonus Session, kicking off at 4PM! It’s an opportunity to meet and mingle with sponsors and to enjoy expert practical discussions.

What to bring:

An appetite for learning - and for sharing! SURGE is all about collaborating across industries, organizations, and countries.

Where to participate:

Anywhere! Such is the beauty of virtual events: rally together with some colleagues, or tune in from your kitchen table in your pyjamas. Social media enthusiasts, you can follow via the #SURGEoptimism hashtag, but the real action will be in the attendee chat!

surge attendee chat

How to get there:

Your first port of call is the event page. From there, you can register, or sign in if you’ve already done so! The site also has all the details you need to know about the schedule and sessions. If you haven’t signed up yet, the time is ripe: it’s free and you can earn CAE and CE credits by attending live!

The Extras

Share your knowledge:

Before and during the conference, you are invited to join any or all of the co-writing projects taking place on the event page. All attendees can access a shared google-doc and contribute answers to the various questions within: the results might make their way into an eBook on the subject!

Pass it on:

If we’ve done our job right, you will want to talk about the ideas you hear, and they are far more practicable if you have the opportunity to do so. For this reason, we highly recommend you invite along fellow colleagues.

Follow up:

SURGE will be injected with strategies and ideas, so a lot will come at you at once. We want this to be as actionable as possible, so after SURGE, will identify and compile takeaways from select sessions, along with insights in the attendee chat and pertinent resources, to create eBooks available to all.

We look forward to seeing you there!