The Afterlife Potential of Virtual Events

Written by Victoria Fanning on June 19, 2018

One of the great things about a virtual event location is that the ideas, insights and innovations sparked by the event do not disappear when the doors close.

Given the fast pace of presentations, discussions and social media streams where interesting, rich and diverse ideas quickly fly by, capturing and then repurposing content offers you a rare chance to take a breath and reflect on core themes and memorable stories.

By retaining content, you can repurpose and rebroadcast it. You can showcase the most dynamic and impactful material while creating an additional revenue stream too.

Beyond rebroadcasting, articles or blogs that synthesise content thematically can be distributed to relevant networks, which allows the conversation to continue. Podcasts also allow you to extend the conversation with follow-up interviews. Moreover, they give you the opportunity to create a comprehensive piece connecting similarly themed segments from different presentations. All of these materials can be distributed to a much wider audience.

Overall, the valuable use of online content speaks to a broader point – and a personal passion of mine – that deals with the relationship between online and face-to-face events. As I’ve said before, the debate regarding the cannibalization of face-to-face conferences by online events is over. A hybrid event will broaden your reach, expand your audience and extend the conversation, but does not replace in-person connections and invaluable hallway conversations. Again, they extend the conversation in terms of time and reach.

You need both mediums to create a holistic experience that keeps insights alive.

Victoria spoke in the “Virtual Conferences: The New Frontier” session during SURGE Spring, an interactive virtual summit hosted by on May 2nd-4th. Click here to watch the sessions on demand.