SURGE Spring Line-Up: What’s In Store at the Summit

Written by Arianna Rehak on March 19, 2018

It is with great excitement and anticipation that we announce the full SURGE Spring session and speaker line-up for our May 2nd-4th interactive virtual summit.

Our twelve sessions all explore the theme of transformation, rooted once again in the belief that our best resource for change is collective knowledge. Just like last time, an attendee chat will run alongside the sessions. Speakers will also be present in the chat to answer your questions!

After the success of our vanguard virtual summit in November, SURGE Spring represents an evolution. It will offer even more avenues for collaboration, communication, and knowledge-sharing.

Here are the 3 ways we’re enhancing the virtual event:

1. Crowdsourcing video content

Anyone with a camera phone can now easily film footage that may be used directly in the conference. We will be requesting specific shots for you to film and upload to us, after which our partner 5:00 Films & Media will produce videos entirely from footage generated by attendees.

2. Running a pitch competition

We want our SURGE sessions to accurately reflect what the community is most interested in discussing, so we’ve devised a competition. Competitors can enter a 30-second “pitch” discussing a session for our fall event that they would like to craft. Attendees will be able to vote for the sessions they are most interested in seeing. The winner will have a guaranteed speaker spot at our November conference, and will win 5 business books of their choice.

3. Harnessing Collective knowledge (quantitatively as well)

Great insights were shared at our November event, and we compiled them into eBooks that were made available to all. But with such a high level of attendance, we can learn from each other quantitatively as well. Throughout the event, we’ll use a polling function to ask you questions, and you can see how your association compares to others in attendance.

Head to the event page now to see what we have in store for SURGE Spring. Register to immediately begin interacting through the event forum, and see all the ways you can become directly involved in the SURGE community.

P.S. Did we mention that you can earn up to 12 CAE and CMP credits if you’re in live attendance of the event?